Rector of Vinh Long University of Technology Education reported at ICCMS conference

Assoc. Cao Hung Phi - Rector of  Vinh Long University of Technology Education reported at the 10th International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (ICCMS) in 2018 in Sydney, Australia..

The ICCMS conference takes place from January 8, 2018 to January 10, 2018, with 63 scientific articles covering more than 37 fields of computer simulation and modeling of scientists from Japan, Portugal, USA, Italy, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia ... and host Australia.

Attending the report at the 10th ICCMS Conference, Vietnam has a scientist as Associate Professor. Cao Hung Phi with the research "Analysis Noise Vibration of the Gearboxes using Mathematical Models" (code: SY061) which belongs to automobile technology specialization.

ICCMS is a annual conference which was firstly held in Macau, China. This is a gathering conference of famous scientists from countries with advanced economies, science and technology in the world in order to exchange research results and solve problems of modeling and computer simulation in all areas. The conference aims to provide a foundation for scientists, academics, engineers and students from universities and businesses around the world to present ongoing research activities as well as thereby motivate research relations between universities and sectors.

Abstract of Research of Assoc. Cao Hung Phi: The paper will review practical techniques and procedures employed to quiet gearboxes units. The gearbox noise problem solution is focused on improvement of gear design, on verification of its mathematical models on the radiated noise and determination of the gears contribution to the vehicle overall noise levels and on analytical and/or numerical computer-based tools needed to perform signal processing and diagnostics of geared axis systems. This paper prefers solving the gear noise problem that enclosure as a means to reduce radiated noise, which using math model to estimate effect on the sound pressure level. All the analytical methods are based on the way to build up modal parameter of gear box. The paper will review the progress in technique of the gear angular vibration analysis and its effect on gear noise due to the self excited vibration. The presentation will include some sample of model in 3D and the real one.




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